tl;dr: The free software that I wrote and maintained for years is no longer available or supported. Sorry/not sorry.

There was a time that I was very active in developing free software for the ham radio community. I wrote two very widely used plugs-ins for the MixW HF digital mode program. I also wrote ScannerCast™, a Shoutcast/ICEcast compatible app for forwarding scanner audio over the internet.

MixW Plug-Ins

I wrote MixwButtons and an Online Callbook DLL that did QRZ-based lookups of callsigns within MixW. It gives me great satisfaction that these apps were used by hams worldwide. But MixW is (sadly) abandonware at this point… and I haven’t done anything with this software since sometime in 2011.


This little app was so popular that it was adopted as the official live audio broadcasting software for Broadcastify. They still use and distribute it to this day (as of 2023, at least). I stopped updating this software sometime in 2010, and officially stopped supporting it in 2017.

Thanks… Time to Move On

I am extremely grateful to the many thousands of folks who have used ScannerCast™ and/or my MixW plug-ins over the years and who have taken the time to drop me a line to say hello. But to be clear: I will no longer provide download links, answer emails, or provide bug fixes for any of this software. It’s all lived long past the time when it needs to be retired. Time marches on!

Licensing and Legalese

Even though these software programs are no longer actively developed or supported, all previous software license terms and conditions remain in effect. See below.

ScannerCast™ is a trademark of Peter Viscarola, K1PGV.  The ScannerCast software, documentation and configuration information are Copyright © 2009-2010 Peter Viscarola, K1PGV.  All rights reserved.

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