Welcome to K1PGV’s website!

I’m a casual operator, as interested in a chat on the local repeater as in chasing DX for a new one. I passed my morse code test to earn HF privileges in September of 2006, so I’m not a newbie, nor am I an old hand. Every time I get on the air, I learn something new.

For many years, my main HF interest was in HF digital modes, particularly PSK and RTTY. I also got on phone from time to time as well.

In 2020 I moved to an antenna restricted community, which pretty much put an end to my hamming for a few years. Then, finally, in 2023, I decided to do whatever it took to get back on the air. I started with VHF/UHF, because it was easy to hide a little vertical on my deck (and another one in my attic). I started playing with D-Star and quickly got addicted!

I’m slowly working on getting back on HF… without spooking my neighbors or annoying the condo association. As of the end of 2023, I had made some preliminary HF contacts via FT8 using a temporary antenna (while the neighbors were away on vacation). And I installed a “stealth loop” antenna in the woods (more about this at a future time), and managed to log yet more FT8/FT4 QSOs and even break a few SSB pileups.

My primary goal for 2024 is to be back on HF regularly.