1 July 2017 Update: Time to move on. As of this date, I will no longer be providing ANY support for ScannerCast.  Thank you to the many thousands of folks who have used ScannerCast over the years and who have taken the time to drop me a line to say hello.  Folks may continue to download, use, and enjoy ScannerCast for free, under the terms and conditions by which ScannerCast has always been available... but I will no longer be answering emails or providing bug fixes.

- Shoutcast/ICEcast compatible broadcasting for Uniden and GRE scanners.
- Replaces Edcast/Oddcast and Simplecast for forwarding scanner feeds to
- Lets you listen to your scanner across your own network, or via the internet (with or without a RR feed).

ScannerCast 1224

Broadcast your scanner's audio and tag information (with a supported scanner) over the Internet where it can be played-back by anyone with a browser and/or a media player. If you don't have a supported scanner model, ScannerCast also makes it easy for you to broadcast "audio only" feeds (with no tags).

Send your scanner stream to Radio Reference without any hassles or complicated configuration to make it available for others to hear.

Most Recent Update: 19 April 2010 (V0.14 beta release build 10307) ... Go to Download page

Description and Features

Description, list of features, and list of supported scanner models.

ScannerCast Features

Download and Installation Information

Supported systems, prerequisite software, as well as download and installation instructions.

ScannerCast Download

Configuration and Use Instructions

Step by step instructions for configuring and using ScannerCast for the first time.  Also, a random selection of optional, more advanced, configuration and usage information including a few helpful hints and tips.

ScannerCast Configuration and Usage

What Users Are Saying About K1PGV's ScannerCast

Here's what people who've been using ScannerCast have to say about the Beta Release versions:

  • "Great Program!!! Thanks very much for authoring this one for us."
  • "I had mine up and running perfectly in 2 minutes."
  • "I've been running the program all weekend and just downloaded the latest beta version. All I can say is 'SWEET'. So much less complicated, I wonder why no one thought of this earlier! "
  • "I really like that the program is light weight, easy to use and doesn't take up a lot of resources. I will be using this program regularly.".
  • The tags work perfectly... Better then the other program I was using. Your program allows it to go into the system tray rather then the task bar for the other tag program. Makes it a much cleaner look. Really digging this program.

License and Terms of Use

This is the license agreement that defines the terms and conditions of how you may use ScannerCast.  You indicate your agreement with, and willingness to follow, the terms of this license when you download ScannerCast.  ScannerCast is provided to the community for personal, non-commercial use at no cost, but subject to the terms of the license agreement shown in the Downloads section of this web site. Do not download or use any software from this web site unless you fully agree to the  terms and conditions listed in the Software License Agreement and Terms of Use.  Note that use of ScannerCast by a private individual to send a scanner feed to the Radio Reference web site (RR) strictly in return for a RR membership is specifically allowed according to the terms of this license and does not require a commercial license.

ScannerCast™ is a trademark of Peter Viscarola, K1PGV.  The ScannerCast software, documentation and configuration information are Copyright © 2009-2010 Peter Viscarola, K1PGV.  All rights reserved.