Gear for Sale

When I try or upgrade my gear, I have gear that no longer fits my needs.  That gear winds-up here.

All the gear I sell is as described, and comes from a non-smoking shack.  Feel free to email me with questions (you can reach me at K1PGV at ARRL.NET).

Payment must be by PayPal and all sales are final.

What's Available Now?

  • Magnetic Loop Antenna For Sale: MFJ-1786 Super Hi-Q Loop, 36" in diameter, covers 10-30MHZ.
    I bought this loop on 28 November 2015 for an experiment at K1PGV.  Mounted vertically on a mast at 12 feet in the air, it matched my 135 foot long OCF dipole for receive performance.  That was the problem: It matched the performance exactly.  It wasn't quieter, it wasn't more directional.  And I decided that tuning a mag loop was just not for me... too slow, too painstaking.

    So, after less then 4 hours of use on the air.. and after being installed outdoors for less than 12 hours under cloudless skys, this antenna is for sale.  I used this for 3 QSOs, each on PSK, each at 50W or less.

    The antenna is in 100% great condition, in the original box, with all original doodads (screws, bolts, and mounting brackets) that came with it.  No scratches, marks or nicks... except on the saddle clamps (they were mounted on a mast).

    Here are some pics... If this isn't enough, let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to see pictures of.  It really is as nice as it looks.

    I paid $449 on 11/28/15

    Asking: $375,
    shipping included via UPS (CONUS only)