Welcome to K1PGV's Website

I'm a casual operator, as interested in a rag chew as in chasing DX for a new one. I passed my morse code test to earn HF privileges in September of 2006, so I'm not a newbie, nor am I an old hand.  Every time I get on the air, I learn something new.

My main HF interest is in digital modes, though I'll get on phone from time to time as well. I'm also interested in communications at VHF and UHF frequencies (though I don't work the local repeaters much), and I especially enjoy monitoring the police and fire departments in my area.

One of my favorite toys is a 10MHz GPS Disciplined Oscillator (AKA a "GPDSO"). It outputs a high-precision 10Mhz sine way that can be used as an input to a transceiver to ensure you're on the correct frequency, and that you stay there. Because it uses the Global Position System (GPS) satellites as a precision time source to "tweak" the crystal and provide long-term stability, it also happens to also serve as a pretty cool time server. Check out the status of my GPSDO here online.

K1PGV QSL Policy

QSLs From K1PGV: I QSL every contact, whether it's a 60 minute ragchew or a quickie contest contact, via LoTW and eqsl.cc. I send my QSL cards direct with SASE by request, or for any contact that I need for DXCC or some other award. I promptly reply to every QSL card I receive with my card.

QSLs Sent to K1PGV: Of course, I appreciate any QSL I receive. I most appreciate QSLs via LoTW (it's fast, efficient, and I'm a software engineer by trade so an on-line QSL system makes sense to me). If you QSL via eqsl.cc please do me a favor and also QSL via LoTW (if you have that capability). QSLs from eqsl.cc are fun, but they don't count towards DXCC, and increasing my DXCC total is one of my main goals right now.


My station is located in the small village of Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, which is in the sourthern part of the state, on the east coast of the United States. My locator Grid Square FN42dv.

The red marker on the map at the left shows my location (QTH). You can use the control to zoom in, out, or re-orient the map.